The Beautiful Grind uses over 85 individual tattoos done over the course of 4 months straight - with the intention of each one representing a different chapter, message, or story in a book that is all about mentorship, leadership, & entrepreneurship - but all based on spirituality - how to establish a functioning relationship with God to discover you purpose and maximize your potential.

The book is about my life in a selfless way that is much more focused on creating an equal opportunity for everyone through the power of principals passed down by God Himself.

JDBOOKS has the privilege of an interview with author Julio 

Raimundo ( Julio )


Mentors / Entrepreneurs, Spiritual People, Creatives, High School & College kids, or Travelers. 

What are your goals for this book?

Change the World & Make History

How did you come up with an amazing title?

Title was inspired by Musician Jon Bellion and his band called Beautiful Minds.

About the Book

I alway had a gift for writing and it was the goal of my life to write my masterpiece on ultimate fulfillment one day. At the same time I had always said that if I had a million dollars i would tattoo my neck & if I had all the money in the world I would get my entire body tattooed. That was before i realized being rich was just a state of mind & I was already in it. God performed a miracle in my life during a time I needed it the most, just to make a deal with me saying if I would listen to what he had to teach me and show my commitment, he would make all my dreams come true with more purpose & responsibility than iv ever know. I followed the signs and voice in my heart ever since then which brought me to Argentina where my passion finally met my purpose, and The Beautiful Grind was born.

5 Key Messages -

“It was my job to neutralize this message in a way that everyone could relate to for the better of all our futures, and here it is. It’s time to take the focus off of denominations, racism, and politics so we can focus and work on what we can control.” - #TheBeautifulGrind Pg.72

¨Be your best at everything & anything you aspire to do"

"You have everything you could possibly need to be successful; God put protection around you, provision inside you, and it’s just a matter of time before your potential is released and you begin living your dreams."

“If God isn’t your focus then you have no way of measuring your progress against a standard you haven’t yet set for your life” Steven Furtick. 

“God shuffled the cards, dealt me a hand with impossible odds, put an obstacle corse up look, and I conquered them all.” - J.Cole

Tips on writing process - Focus, Provide a service to people, Listen to your heart, & dont wait for the perfect time, create the perfect time. 

Time to write - After your morning routine or before bed when your thoughts are the most transcending and open to what you want to accomplish. The hardest part about the writing process is creating an environment where you feel your maximum potential enabled to create, distractions rob you of your intentions. 

Writing has made me realize sustainability comes from within and your story is enough to create your freedom you desire for yourself & others. 

When I'm not writing I like to Network and Build relationships with people.