Jon E. Cruz. He is the author “The Tales of the Swallows.” He had suffered

a disorder called Broca’s Aphasia. It is the speech disorder that He cannot talk clear to any of people. Every doctor and clinic tried to find a cure for Him, but there was no cure or medicine. There is one medicine He use though, the National Geographic magazine. He could not read when He was very young, but He did understand the pictures from around the world.

Later, He looked up the environmental books about the animals, the mountains, the forest, and water. Also, the history books of California. When He went to visit San Juan Capristrano, He heard they have the historic old mission. While He was there to

explore around. He found out there are the swallows at the mission! It gives Him an idea to write the environmental folktale that the swallows are the migrated birds from the south to the north to settle a new home around the cities and your neighborhood. Then, they settle a new home at the mission.

It takes me three month to come up this book for writing, editing, illustrations, and the historic events. It is the family book that you see the animals are hurting, lost, and endangering around your neighborhood or cities. Rescue them to take them back to their natural inhabitants or put them to the animal rescue for their health, rehabilitated, and set free to the wild that they can appreciate for helping them and another chance to live.

This story invites you that the swallows are the most abundant and widely distributed bird species in the world. When you visit the Mission San Juan Capistrano, you will learn the experience and the wonders of the swallows, the pioneer birds from the south to the north.

JDBOOKS has the privilege of an interview with author Jonathan Cruz


• Environmental Science

• California and Argentina History

• Hispanic Culture/Custom

• Religion

• Family/Friendship

What are your goals for this book?

My goal for this book is teach for the importance of the environmental wildlife rescue and

the friendly family book.

How did you come up with an amazing title?

It was the story about the swallows. The swallows are the migrated birds that they travel from the south to the north. They made their nest or mud nest around the cities or neighborhood. When I visited the Mission San Juan Capistrano, I found the swallows are at the mission. I heard some stories about it. I went to study the birds and the old mission of California. I was wondering why did they chose the mission and what reason for it. It

gives me an idea. I chose the swallows as the protagonists for the story and the tile. I named it “The Tales of the Swallows.”

About the Book

Have you ever wonder why the swallows migrated from the south to the north to the old Mission San Juan Capistrano? How it all happened? This is the tale about the swallow and

his name was Jaime. The priest Reverend Rafael rescued him while he was a hatchling. Then, he was raised in the Mission San Juan Capistrano. Some months later, Jaime was wondering what kind of bird he was and where his kind are. His best friend Pablo the rooster, helped him to find his answers. Pablo took to see El Muerto, the wise rattlesnake. El Muerto give Jaime a direction that he will find his kind at the beyond the hills. Jaime flew to the hills, and he found his kind. He discovered that he is the swallow! When the swallows were leaving to the south for the winter, Jaime went with them to learn their survival instincts. Later in spring, Jaime led the swallows to the north to his favorite place in the world-- the old Mission San Jaun Capistrano. This story invites you learn the history of Hispanic culture, music, religion, and the science

discovery for the swallows, which are the most abundant and widely distributed bird species in the world. When you visit the Mission San Juan Capistrano, you will learn the

experience and the wonders of the swallows, the pioneer birds from the south to the north,

Why did you write this book? Is there any “back story” that inspired you to write this book?

It was all started when I was young. I did not know how to read and write. I had a disorder Broca’s Aphasia. It is a speech disorder. It was very difficult for me and I felt like that I donot fit in this world. Later, I found the greatest medicine that I ever had was “National Geographic” magazines. I cannot read. But I can understand the pictures from themagazine. It helps me to stay focus at school and learning the experience from the other world by maps, science, and history. When I was thirteen, I started to write the notebooks for the stories and ideas. Later, I leaned from my dad that he was to used to be an artist. He likes drawing the animals, the mountains, the forest, and flowers. I did my own version to draw the illustration for the

story. I like drawing cartoons. Some years later, I am taking college education to study child development and English. I took one of the science class was Natural Resource to study the environment. I went to

visit the Coachella Valley Wild Bird Center (That’s in Indio), I was studying the birds when they are rescued from the threats and causing the endangered species. Once they are rehabilitated for their health. They are release to return to their homes somewhere else that they cannot be harm.

In spring break, I was planning to visit the places for a day in Los Angeles, San Diego, or Long Beach. I chose to visit San Juan Capistrano. I hear they have the historic museum Mission San Juan Capistrano. By the time I got there, I went exploring around the mission. Suddenly, I saw a swallow that was in the mission. I heard stories about it. When the swallows had return from the south, they migrated to the north to find a new home. Some of them settle in the ranches and the barn. Some of them settle around the cities and the neighborhood. But they settle in this mission for a reason. It gives me an idea! I went to back home to study the swallows and the mission history of California. I took notes for information and puzzling together for ideas. Suddenly, I started to write down the book. It takes me for three month to write, editing, and drawing illustrations. When it was

complete, I named it “The Tales of the Swallows.”

Is your book based on your own life in any way? If so, please explain:

None of it based on my life. It was based from my childhood memories. Reverend Rafael was named after my old neighbor Rafael from my hometown Anza, Califronia. When Reverend Rafeal rescue Jaime when he was a hatchling, it reminded me the movie that I saw “Birdman of Alcatraz.” The rooster was my childhood bully that he likes to chase me away. I named him Pablo. The rattlesnake that I found is at the tree house. I avoided there to make sure it was gone or not. I named him El Muerto. Muerto is the Spanish word is “Dead.” Because he was the rattlesnake and he’s poisonous. Finally, Melissa the female swallow was named after my favorite Spanish song “Melissa.”

If you could give your younger self some advice about the writing process, what would it be?

Writing a book is like you are making an art for the stories. When you make a good plot, you will make a happy ending.

What time do you usually start writing and what do you find the hardest part of the writing process?

I am taking part time job from college. I do the writings for my free time without doing any homework. The hardest part was that I am in classes and doing my homework.

How has writing changed you?

For the first time that I went to the book store and the library, I saw there are many books are waiting to be read. I read the science fiction, fantasy, and the other books. I listened to the authors from the book festival in Rancho Mirage Library. I listen their experience and following their technique to make introductions, chapters, plots, and conclusions for the happy ending and moral of the stories. It changes my whole life that I always be writer

and share the books to read and experiencing from the author’s imaginations.

What do you like to do when you are not writing?

If I had nothing to write, I went to travel the places for the next book. Also, I watched movies, listening to music, and drawings.